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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Spindrift Lodge! - 2017

November 27, 2017

Let it snow, let it snow! Merry Christmas from Spindrift Lodge. The outside lights beautiful all covered in frost.

Our RV trip to the Oregon Coast in January didn’t quite work out as we planned. Sunny, warm Parksville, where we store the RV, ended up with record snow falls. We never left Canada. Took 2 extra weeks to get our unit back into storage.  Fortunately, our trip to Maui in April was a lot more like it. One month of sun and surf.

The season at the lodge was a carry over from an unexpectedly difficult BC winter. First the ground was frozen late into spring so we couldn’t open in May at all.

June brought rain. Our good friends from the United States came up for some fishing which was a wonderful break.  By the end of June though, the snow melt combined with rain brought flooding and with it a 5 foot rise in the lake level. The new Candocks saved the day.

In July, the dry forests in BC started on fire.  First down in the southern part of the province and then the fires moved north.  2017 turned out to be one of BC’s worst fire seasons.

August had one more surprise for us.  The sockeye fishery was closed until almost the end of the month. With the changing climate, there are less fish coming back into the lake. On the plus side, we saw at least some of our hardy Canadian groups return. And enough sockeye made it back to the hatchery for future years which is the best we could hope for.  

We left for our little cabin up the lake in September looking forward to a rest. The fall colours quite spectacular. The water level back at its normal level. The fires quieting down.

Not to be outdone by the challenges of the past few months, we headed back to Parksville in October to pick up our RV. No point in storing the unit where the snow doesn’t get ploughed.

Thanks to some very nice friends we were able to see a BC lions football game. Fabulous seats. A really fun trip.

November sent us back to the lodge to burn our debris piles. Fallen trees from previous years mixed with brush. We found only a few inches of snow and lovely warm weather. Perhaps even the makings of another video. We returned to Fort St James with winter chasing us. And the chase continues with another 4 inches of new snow this morning. Total so far, 1.5 feet.

We hope this Christmas message finds all of you healthy and well. May the holiday season bring each of you some happiness with your family and friends. All the very best for 2018. Please be safe. We look for forward to seeing everyone back next year.

John and Lynda and of course big Ben. OXOX.

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